New Quay Honey Farm

Step into the enchanting world of Afon Mêl Honey Farm & Meadery, a hidden gem nestled in the rural outskirts of New Quay, just a short distance from The Enchanted Oak. This picturesque farm, set in an old chapel, is steeped in history and offers a truly magnificent location for nature lovers and honey enthusiasts.

A Family’s Love for Bees and Honey

Afon Mêl Honey Farm & Meadery was launched over twenty years ago, fuelled by a family’s deep love and passion for beekeeping. Their unwavering dedication to bees and honey drives their mission to produce top-quality artisan products, crafted by nature and driven by taste. They believe in creating healthier food for healthier people, ultimately contributing to a healthier planet.

Bee Exhibition: Up Close with Nature’s Architects

The bee exhibition at Afon Mêl Honey Farm & Meadery provides a rare opportunity to observe live honeybee colonies safely from behind glass. Witness how these remarkable creatures develop their free form structures in the wild. Films and information boards throughout the exhibition highlight the crucial role of pollinators. You’ll also have the chance to marvel at a tropical ant colony, showcasing the fascinating work of another social insect.

Licenced Coffee Shop: Relax and Indulge

Take a moment to unwind at the licenced coffee shop, where you can enjoy your favourite drink and sample a range of sweet and savoury treats. Whether you’re in the mood for a comforting cup of coffee or a delightful snack, the coffee shop at Afon Mêl Honey Farm & Meadery has you covered.

Discover the World of Mead

Afon Mêl boasts its very own meadery, producing one of the largest collections of real mead in the UK. While the main working meadery is not open to the general public, you can visit the exhibition meadery free of charge. Information boards provide insights into the history of mead making, and you might even catch a glimpse of small batch meads fermenting in the tanks and barrels.

To enhance your visit, why not book a mead tasting session? Indulge in the unique flavours and aromas of Afon Mêl’s exquisite meads, guided by knowledgeable staff who can offer insights into the different varieties and their characteristics. It’s a delightful opportunity to discover your favourite mead and gain a deeper appreciation for this ancient beverage – purely educational, of course!

Shop Honey & More

Of course, no visit to the New Quay Honey Farm would be complete without indulging in their delicious honey products. Sample a variety of locally produced honeys, each with its own distinct flavour profile. From the golden sweetness of traditional honey to the rich complexity of artisanal varieties, there’s a honey to suit every taste. Beyond honey, the farm offers a range of other bee-related products, including beeswax candles, beeswax wraps, and natural skincare products made with honey and beeswax. These make for unique and thoughtful gifts or souvenirs to take home and enjoy.

Plan Your Visit

Whether you’re a bee enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply curious about the world of bees and honey, a visit to the New Quay Honey Farm is an experience not to be missed during your stay at The Enchanted Oak!

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