The National Trust Llanerchaeron Estate

Uncover the charm of the National Trust Llanerchaeron Estate, located near the coastal town of Aberaeron, just a stone’s throw away from The Enchanted Oak Glampsite in Ciliau Aeron. This historic estate showcases a villa, servants’ quarters, stables, farm buildings, and a walled garden, all set within a beautiful landscape.

A Journey through Welsh Heritage

Managed by the National Trust, the Llanerchaeron Estate offers a glimpse into traditional Welsh estate life. For over three centuries, ten generations of the same family called this place home. Each generation made contributions to the estate, resulting in the fascinating ensemble you see today. From the elegant villa and servants’ quarters to the functional stables, farm buildings, and enchanting walled garden, Llanerchaeron tells a story of Welsh heritage and the evolution of the estate over time.

The Villa: A Jewel of Architectural Excellence

The villa at Llanerchaeron is a testament to the early work of John Nash, a renowned architect. With construction beginning in the 1790s, Nash transformed the original small farmhouse into the magnificent villa you see today. Explore the elegant rooms and experience a full ‘upstairs, downstairs’ experience with the villa’s service courtyard, which includes a dairy, laundry, brewery, and salting house.

The Walled Garden: A Romantic Oasis

Step into the late 18th-century walled garden at Llanerchaeron and be transported to a place of beauty and tranquillity. This historic garden has been producing fruit and vegetables for over 200 years. Explore the productive kitchen gardens, admire ancient fruit trees, and wander through herbaceous borders and a delightful herb garden. Discover remnants of horticultural technology that span the garden’s lifetime, including fire pits, hypocaust-heated beds, and Victorian and mid-century greenhouses.

The Home Farm: An Authentic Agricultural Experience

Experience a working farm at Llanerchaeron’s Home Farm complex. Here, you’ll find Welsh Black cattle, Llanwenog sheep, rare Welsh pigs, chickens, geese, and doves. Take a stroll through the atmospheric outbuildings, which bring the agricultural heritage of the estate to life.

Plan Your Visit

The National Trust Llanerchaeron Estate welcomes visitors to explore its historic buildings, immerse themselves in the beautiful landscapes, and discover the rich heritage of the Welsh countryside. Don’t miss this opportunity to delve into the story of Llanerchaeron and experience a truly unique part of Welsh history.

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