Our Resident Goats Move Into Their Newly Fenced Field

We’re back with another exciting update from The Enchanted Oak!

First things first, we have some fantastic news: the long-awaited fencing is finally complete! Our resident goats, Hellebore, Ronnie, and Katy, are absolutely thrilled with their new field. They now have a spacious and secure area to roam and graze to their heart’s content. But that’s not all! Mike has gone above and beyond to build them two special platforms. They are sunny spots where our goat friends can not only bask in the warm rays but also have a front-row seat to observe all the exciting activities happening around them. It’s safe to say that Hellebore, Ronnie, and Katy are living their best goat lives here at The Enchanted Oak.

In other exciting news, we’ve reached a major milestone in our development plans. We have officially commissioned the construction of our toilets and showers! We understand the importance of providing modern amenities while still maintaining the rustic charm and natural beauty of our site, so we’re excited for the work to begin early next month, and see everything come to life.

As we continue to work on these exciting developments, we can’t help but feel grateful for the support and enthusiasm we receive from all of you. Your encouragement and kind words inspire us to create a truly magical experience for each and every guest who chooses to stay at The Enchanted Oak.

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress with our construction plans and bring you closer to the enchantment that awaits you at our rural glamping site. Until then, embrace the beauty of nature, keep dreaming, and mark your calendars for a future adventure at The Enchanted Oak!

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