Welcoming Our New Feathered & Woolly Friends

We’re thrilled to bring you another update from The Enchanted Oak, as this month has been buzzing with activity.

Let’s start with some site preparations. As we continue to enhance our facilities, we’ve been hard at work creating a dedicated kitchen area for our wonderful camper, and we can’t wait to show you the final results.

In other news, we’re thrilled to welcome six new additions to our feathered family. These lovely ladies are ex-commercial chickens who have found their forever home at The Enchanted Oak. With their arrival, our flock now stands at a cosy number of 27. These girls have quickly settled into their new surroundings and are embracing their newfound freedom with enthusiasm. It’s heart-warming to witness their joy as they explore their lush surroundings and bask in the sunlight. We’re certain that their presence will add an extra layer of charm to your glamping experience.

But that’s not all on the animal front! Prepare to be charmed by the arrival of a Kerry Hill ewe and her wether lamb. This little bundle of joy was born on March 10th as a single, and we’re happy to report that he is thriving. He has already taken his first strolls on the field, albeit with a little coat to protect him from the dampness that sometimes accompanies our Welsh weather. It’s delightful to see this adorable duo enjoying their time together, creating precious moments that will warm your heart.

With the kitchen area taking shape and our animal family growing, we’re getting closer to welcoming you to our little corner of rural Wales…

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